• Exterior

    A color so nice, we painted it twice. But seriously, photos do no justice… it is flawless. Then we fully protected in 3m PPF for longevity.

    Body Convertible
    Color Marina Blue
    Wheels Hurst Torque Thrust
  • Interior

    An updated teak wheel and aftermarket cup holders for that road pop… otherwise this one’s just the way the GM gods intended it.

    Color Marina Blue
    Material Vinyl
    HVAC Stock Heat Only
  • Drivetrain

    The original 327 now sports Holly Fuel Injection, 2.5″ original High Hp exhaust manifolds, and an original era Winters aluminum intake. Day two cool!

    Engine 327CID
    Transmission Automatic
    Chassis Stock, Original
  • Vehicle Information

    This vehicle was built for a private client. SPecific details are only available upon request with client consent.

    VIN Upon Request
    Mileage 62,871
    Title Type Clear, Exempt Mileage


We love a good “Day 2” restoration. Period correct go fast goodies always make us grin… what’s even better than that is burying some modern tech under that Day 2 facade to make it dead set reliable, and even more fun to drive. The Deschutes restoration is just that. Vintage go fast look, Modern drivability.

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