• Exterior

    The one the only, C5 Fixed Roof Coupe body style. The return of the Z06 package in 2001 was iconic to say the least, and this build features stretched flared rear fenders to even more play up that massive wheelbase.

    Body Fixed Roof Coupe
    Color Black
    Wheels OEM C6 Grand Sport
  • Interior

    We built this one to OEM plus. You can get in a drive it to date night or work, but strap in a harness to the installed harness bar and go cause some mayhem on the weekends.

    Color Black
    Material Leather
  • Drivetrain

    Well, you know where we blew the budget on this build… E85 prepped with an A&A centrifugal supercharger, Stage II BTR Cam kit, MSD Air Raid intake, triple fuel pump setup with IDX1040 injectors. That’s good for 700hp on pump gas, and even more if you decide to hit the corn juice and turn up the boost!

    Engine LS6
    Transmission Tremec T56
    Chassis OEM
  • Vehicle Information

    Full build receipts and details available upon request

    VIN 1G1YY12S045125694
    Mileage 147,000
    Title Type Clean, Actual Mileage


“Winky”, more formally known as “Winky the shop pig”, has been Corvette Care’s demo vehicle for the 2021-2023 seasons, and it’s simply time for us to do what we do… pass along an awesome build to a new owner. Before offering, please understand what you’re buying here. This was the worst C5Z we could find as a donor that had a clean title and no significant wrecks. We broke her down, built her up, and went for some spirited drives. She’s an absolute ripper, but she’s a demo car used to show our capabilities… not a show car designed to sit behind velvet ropes. She’s not perfect, but you’ll not find a cooler build for this budget. Being sold at OVER 700WHP on a pump gas tune. Additional ECM to go with the car for a retune on e85 (last dyno sheet was 831WHP on E85)

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