Pere Marquette

  • Exterior

    When you start with a great donor, you get a great finished build. Visual proof is this build!

    Body Coupe
    Color Cortez Silver
    Wheels OEM Rally
  • Interior

    This one is straight OEM. No changes, no improvements, no alterations. To be honest… none needed!

    Color Black
    Material Leather
    HVAC OEM Air Conditioning
  • Drivetrain

    What’s better than a small block? A big block. What’s better than? Boring a big block to 502 Cubic Inches.

    Engine 502CID with Tripower
    Transmission 4-speed Muncie
    Horsepower 491
  • Vehicle Information

    This vehicle has been sold and as such the VIN information is only available upon request and with client approval.

    VIN Upon Request
    Mileage 91,470
    Title Type Actual Mileage, Clear


Sometime we start from scratch, and then sometimes we have to pick up the pieces where another builder left off. This one was the latter. She came to us with over $160,000 in receipts but not in running condition… in fact it had even caught on fire.  We made her right and then sent her home. Read the full story here.

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