Late Model Maintenance

The later the model of Corvette, the more technical and impressive they become. From that first LT1 in the 1984 C4 through to the now mid-engined LT2 C8 Flagship, the truth is with each generation these sports cars got farther and farther from the days of your average shade tree mechanic being able to successfully work on them.

The key word is “successfully”… you should see what we get from other shops!

As the technology curve got steeper, so did the tooling and computer analysis requirements to be able to troubleshoot and repair late model Corvettes. The issue, in our humble opinion, is that most shops did not stop just attempting to hang parts to make an issue go away. While traditional trouble shooting will let you wade so deep into the problem, without specialty equipment and experience, the process becomes a series of “spray and pray” attempts. Hang parts until the dash light turns off, pass the bill to the customer and boast about your mechanical prowess.

While they can eventually hit the mark, the cost to you as the vehicle owner can be monumental.

A 2001 C5 Corvette Base Engine Bay… now where’s that distributor?

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