Precision Alignments

Corvettes have long held one metric above the heads of every other sports car… You can buy one, take it straight to the track, and hold your own. It’s legitimately the every-person’s sports car, and regardless of your level of driving prowess, odds are the Corvette won’t be the weak link in the relationship.

And when it comes to alignments, that’s where the trouble starts.

You see, Corvettes come from GM with an alignment that is dialed to their track inspired, Mustang eating heritage (Sorry Ford guys, but we had to get a shot in here somewhere). That means they’re equipped from the manufacturer with an alignment that is designed for the edge of their performance envelope. This is awesome if you’re trailering your ‘Vette to Mid Ohio for a weekend session, but not so great if you’re a pleasure driver wanting the best of your highway cruising time with the top down.

Aftermarket Chassis are fantastic, but need proper set up.

So what’s the right answer for your Corvette? The honest answer is that the right answer is unique to you, your driving habits, as well as how you use the car. Sure some people may feel like a set of all seasons and a mild alignment aren’t “sports car” enough, but let them be the ones to smoke a set of $1800 Michelin Pilot Cup Sport 2’s down to the cords in less than 6,000 miles and see who’s happier.

For our track minded friends, we are always more than happy to set aggressive tire packages up for your autocross or hot lap days. We love it when those same cars come back to us after an event so we can “read the tea leaves” and help you dial in your next track day alignment to help you shave seconds. We fully believe tires and alignment will do more for your track times than any horsepower modification for the average enthusiast.

More questions than answers? Reach out to us here, we’re always happy to help you however we can.

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