Oil & Filter Change

Look… we’re only making this a page on our website because our web developer said it would be good for “Search engine optimization”. We’re just humble Corvette guys, so we aren’t 100% sure what that is, but we think it’s kind of like dyno-tuning your Corvette. Just part of the process of getting the most from things you invest your hard earned time and money into.

So here we are. Oil Changes. Change your oil and oil filter. Use good oil and a good filter. Don’t be cheap.

Change it annually (that means once a year, but if you need this advice, we figured we’d break it down to the lowest hanging fruit for you). Also change it every 5,000 miles if that happens before you get to the once-a-year mark. Also change it more frequently if your Corvette experiences what GM deems “Severe Use”. Severe use includes things like track days, continual heavy throttle applications, or situations that result in prolonged high oil temps.

That means a full day on pavement throwing your car around the autocross track suggests you need to change your oil more frequently. It also means you could probably use some more modification to bullet proof that oil system, but we’ll leave that for another article.

Here’s what it boils down to is that here at Corvette Care we want you to enjoy your Corvette in a lengthy and as trouble free fashion as possible. Mechanically, that starts with oil changes that use exclusively Mobil-1 Full Synthetic oils, and AC Delco OEM oil filters. Unless you have a vintage Corvette, then we will use an OEM AC Delco filter, but suggest an oil based on engine age and condition.

We suggest an oil change before winter or seasonal storage, so that way the system is flushed of any contaminates before storage, but again that’s a lot of personal preference and voodoo… your car will be fine with springtime oil changes, or summer oil changes, or Halloween oil changes if that’s your thing. As long as it’s on schedule, we’re happy to help.

Mobil 1 Full Synthetic and an AC Delco Oil Filter

More questions than answers? Reach out to us here, we’re always happy to help you however we can.

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